Purroom | Little Chick Ceramic Bowl

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More than just cute, this Ceramic Chick Bowl duo is also super sturdy! Weighing at 1kg, it helps prevent the bowl from tipping over and ensure zero messy meal time!

Food bowl is designed with an oblique opening, providing comfort for the your cat's neck and helps with easy swallowing, making meal time more enjoyable than before. Meal time is less messy too as food will fall back to the center instead of spilling out. 

Water bowl double up as a food bowl for younger cats as height of 10cm is comfortable for young cat's neck and helps with easy swallowing.

Easy to clean up and also dishwasher friendly.

Suitable for all cats and small sized pups!


Ceramic with semi-matt surface


Food Bowl
- ø15cm x 14.5cm (highest) / 10cm (lowest)
- Water capacity 200ml

Water Bowl
ø15cm x 10cm
- Water capacity 500ml

Quick tip, hold onto 2 holes on the underside and/or yellow portion to better grip when washing up to avoid dropping.