Bubble Fish Can Lid & Spoon Set

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As fellow cat owners, we understand how painful it is on our wallet when our cats just REFUSES to finish one can of wet food in one serving and have to throw away the leftover.

While some cat eats almost everything and anything, some prefers "fine dining" portion a few times daily. This happened to us so we always served in half-a-can portion and store the leftover in ziplocks - which isn't helpful with saving the earth!

Lo and behold, we found this beautiful set of bubble fish silicon lid cover with matching spoon with a cornered-edge making it easy to scoop wet food! We have been using this duo for the past few months and still couldn't find any flaws yet. 

Available in khaki and olive colour.


Food grade silicone, melamine 

Lid cover - ø11.8cm, fits cans of ø 6.5cm - 8.5cm
Spoon - 16.6cm x 3.8cm.