Oasis Cactus Tree

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Oasis Cactus Cat Tree will be a fun addition your home aesthetic. Designed for cats to scratch and climb, you don't have to worry about the little ones growing sideways!

Fully hand-made and wrapped with natural sisal twine, it is abrasion and erosion resistant. The natural sisal twine has a rough texture that provides sufficient friction for our furry friends to grind their nails on. Comes with a sturdy base for cats to climb up and down.

Available in two sizes, mini is ideal for scratching and holds up to one 3.5kg cat, tall is great up climbing up and down for up to combined weight of 12kg.

This product requires self-assemble.


Natural sisal twine, PVC pipe 


Mini size - 37cm x 37cm x 80cm
Tube - ø7cm and ø8cm
Weights 7kg

Large size - 45cm x 45cm x 105cm
Tube - ø11cm and ø12cm
Weights 13kg


This product should not be washed, simply use a smaller vacuum attachment to clean off any dust or fur. Place it in a ventilated place and avoid direct sunlight.


*please note that product color may vary slightly.

**Sisal twine are plant dyed and not harmful to pets and people, unlike chemical dye. We suggest to let air this product for a day before using. 

***Cats may be afraid of large, unfamiliar and new objects so please do not force them to use or climb. Help them adapts to new items by placing their favorite toys and carefully guide them to use. It can be placed near the cat’s litter and decorated with toys that it usually likes. After a period of time, it will adapt slowly.