Cherry Cat Tree

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In the shape of a cherry, this cat tree is an adorable and fun scratching post to keep your furkids entertained throughout the day. This modern design is also an adorable decoration to adorn your house with.

Purely hand-made and wrapped with natural sisal twine, it’s abrasion and erosion resistant. The natural sisal twine has a rough texture that provides sufficient friction for our furry friends to grind their nails on.

Available in two variations - single and double.

Single Cherry is great for cats below 3.5kg while Double Cherry comes with an elevated plush hammock in the shape of a leaf where your cat (below 6kg) can rest on.

Easy to assemble and sturdy enough for an adult cat to scratch to it's heart content. 

This product requires self-assemble.


Sisal twine, PVC pipe


Single Cherry size - 27cm x 27cm x 57.5cm
Weight - 1.6kg

Double Cherry size - 69cm x 39xm x 58cm
Weight - 11kg


This product should not be washed, simply use a smaller vacuum attachment to clean off any dust or fur. Place it in a ventilated place and avoid direct sunlight.


*please note that product color may vary slightly.

**Sisal twine are plant dyed and not harmful to pets and people, unlike chemical dye. We suggest to let air this product for a day before using.