Kitty Kove

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Unconventional litter box in the shape of watermelon and grapefruit, your guest might not even notice this *ahem* cat loo..

Made with environmental-friendly ABS Material and BPA free, it is durable and resistant to corrosion. Fully covered with detachable flap entry, kitties get to enjoy full privacy and keeps litter and odor contained. Removable pan to collect litter particles falling from paws when cat exits as well. Drawer basin makes it convenient to top up litter and clean up.

Ample room and comfortable for an adult cat up to 8kg to use.

Comes with matching litter scoop and holder as well.




Litter box - 54cm x 40cm x 43cm
Removable pan - 54cm x 43cm
Scoop set - 20cm x 20cm x 28cm