kin+kind | Natural Kitty Ear Cleaner (Leave in cleanse & relief)

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Stinky Ears? Yeast, swelling, mites, oh my! Keep your cats' ears safe and clean. Our water- and alcohol-free solution means you apply and leave in without causing stinky bacteria or irritation.

Key Features

  • Remove Wax & Odors: Wet and waxy ears mean bacterial and yeast infections, bad smells, irritation, and lots and lots of scratching. Remove odors and waxy build up naturally with kin+kind Clean Ears.
  • Natural Ingredients: Fennel and lemongrass deep clean to prevent bacterial and fungal growth.
  • Easy Leave In: Alcohol and water free. That means no stinging and no water left behind that can grow into odor-causing bacteria.
  • Vet Formulated: Each and every Ingredient, including every essential oil, is vet approved to ensure effective and safe concentrations for your pet. Certified Leaping Bunny cruelty free.
  • Made in the USA: Every kin+kind bottle is lovingly mixed, labeled, and shipped by the hands of our employees paid a responsible, living wage in our certified USDA organic facility.

Suitable for all cats.

118ml / bottle

How to use

Hold above ear and fill ear canal with a full dropper of Kitty Ears. Massage base of ear to break up wax buildup. Ok to leave in place. Apply weekly or more as needed.
Warning: Never insert any object into ear canal.

Vegetable Glycerin, Organic Sweet Fennel (Foeniculum Vulgare Dulce) Essential Oil, Organic Lemongrass (Cymbopogon Flexuosus) Essential Oil

Customer Reviews

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Sally Wong
Ear Cleaner

Love this product. One wipe and it clears most of the wax around the ears. Dip some on the cotton bud to clean out the sticky wax easily.