Korean Samgyetang Hunting Toy

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A comforting bowl of Samgyetang filled with jujube, red dates and ginseng for your pups to dig into, definitely a nourishing meal! Hide the mini toys inside the chicken belly before throwing the whole Samgyetang for them to chase and unravel the mini toys by themselves!


Designed to sharpen dog's hunting instinct, helps to reduce boredom, relieve stress, and boost adrenaline secretion to relax muscles and improving dog's physical condition.


Red dates and chestnuts - beeping, ginseng - tug rope, chicken leg can be pulled apart to create a more realistic game of hunt.


Smooth tumbling fabric that is safe to sniff and bite on.


  • Samgyetang / Chicken - 23cm x 18cm
  • Chestnut - 7cm x 6cm
  • Ginseng - 5cm x 14cm 
  • Jujube - 9cm x 6cm


***For broken toys, please supervise to not to let your dog swallow its content.