Pidan | Mt. Fuji Hut Scratcher

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This multi-purpose Mount Fuji Hut Scratcher is definitely a keeper!

And here's why we adore it - made with new pulp raw material for maximum durability. This cat house is also designed with multiple playable holes and interior hollowed out for your cat to hide and rest.

With the scratcher board as a base, your cat can chill whilst keeping their nails prim and proper in this Mount Fuji Hut!


Corrugated paper


31.8cm by 33cm by 50.5cm

***Cardboard products may reached you with slight dents incurred during delivery and/or handling. While we do quality checks for all our products, we cannot promise cardboard products to be 100% free of minor defects due to its fragile nature. Any products with major defects will not be sold.