Purroom | Plumeria Cat Scratcher

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Don't we just love things that have multiple purposes? Plumeria Cat Scratcher is a 3-piece cat scratcher that can be converted into a cat house for a rest, a tunnel for the playful cats at home or a make-shift cat tree for cats to keep active and stay in shape.

Make your own configuration to fit your cat's lifestyle! This combo cat scratcher can be use individually or combined - purrfect for household with multiple cats. Comes with a bell in one of the combo for a more interactive play!


Comes with lattice bell


High-strength corrugated paper


28cm by 32cm by 32cm height. 

***Cardboard products may reached you with slight dents incurred during delivery and/or handling. While we do quality checks for all our products, we cannot promise cardboard products to be 100% free of minor defects due to its fragile nature. Any products with major defects will not be sold.