Soli-Free Cat Grass

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One of the easiest ways to keep your cat healthy is to offer them some cat grass as it is a natural source of nutrient that's rich in minerals and vitamins. These yummy cat grass speeds up digestion, induce vomiting to cough out hair balls and most importantly, prevent hair balls from forming in the stomach.

Grown on paper soil, a form of recycled and composted paper sludges that contains soil productivity and wrapped in a tin foil bag, this cat grass light-weight, clean and fuss-free to grow so don't worry if you're not a plant person!

Suitable for cats over 4 months old.

Available in three flavours - Oat, Bristle-grass (aka dog's-tail grass) and Ryegrass. Suitable planting temperature above 20℃.

- high-quality Australian oat seeds
- good palatability with mild and light grass smell
- strong adaptability

- high-quality grain seeds
- stronger grass fragrance, suitable for cats with heavier taste buds
- aids with body heatiness and recommended for cats with bad breath

- high-quality American rye forage seeds
- softer leaves with mild and light grass smell


  1. Open the bag, fold down the top or cut it off. Follow the dotted lines on package.
  2. Add 150-200ml of water to paper soil for the first time, wait for 5-10 minutes and pour out any excess water. Quick tip, use toothpicks to poke some small holes on the surface to facilitate ventilation.
  3. Place under indirect sun and keep it well ventilated. Do not expose to sun directly. It is recommended to disperse it under fluorescent lights for cloudy and rainy season.
  4. Observe the paper filling and the water about 50-80ml of water only if it is completely dry. Do not water if paper soil is damp.
  5. Ready to harvest in 5 to 7 days! Trim the grass to mix in your cat's meal or leave it for them to nibble on!

Oat and Rye cat grass can be eaten when they exceed 7-8cm.
Bristle-grass leaves do not grow tall and can be eaten once the leaves are open.

Shelf life - 3 years from manufacture date, found under packaging and store in dry environment.


Tin foil bag, Australian oat-seeds/ high-quality grain seeds/ high-quality rye seeds, pulp, nutrient


14cm x 5cm x 5cm, 80g/pack

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